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A prototype game created for Jam, Baby, Jam 2021. Originally intended to be a Metroidvania -- and it may yet be, someday, but this version is just a single-level prototype. This level contains 2 upgrades: Find them both, finish the level, and find the meat to 'win'.

I haven't actually built any descriptions in yet, so I'll say it here: The first upgrade is wall-climb, the second is double jump.

Controller should work, and keyboard controls are: Arrow keys to move, space to jump, x to attack with sword, z to fire revolver.

Version 0.13 fixes all known issues with the prototype. Unless something pressing and new is brought to my attention, the next version uploaded will likely be a completely distinct vertical slice with actual Metroidvania content.

Made with the assistance of https://lokno.itch.io/


Join the Madness 0.13 prototype.zip 25 MB


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already an intriguing and stylish game, excited for more